Sascha Haselmayer

Sascha Haselmayer

I am a social entrepreneur and author. I also work for Ashoka, where I help realize our vision of a world in which everyone feels invited and capable of making a contribution.
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Sascha Haselmayer
Slow Lane Live! public
Nurture Curiosity 1 min read

Slow Lane Live!

Join me in Berlin, London, or online, for the first events to mark the launch of The Slow Lane in June! (And get your copy before they hit stores on July 18th).…
Sascha Haselmayer
Sascha Haselmayer
Yes, I See You. public
Hold the Urgency 7 min read

Yes, I See You.

America's Path Forward is a beautiful and insightful collection of interviews with successful Slow Lane leaders. It holds lessons for anyone interested in real change.…
Sascha Haselmayer
Sascha Haselmayer
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