This post is a book now!

I have removed the post you are looking for because it is now a part of my book, The Slow Lane: Why Quick Fixes Fail And How to Achieve Real Change! If you enjoyed the post, you will absolutely love the book! With the help of my editor Steve Piersanti at Berrett-Koehler Publishers, we have made these stories more enjoyable, did more fact-checking and sharpened the overall argument. The book is a complete rewrite of The Slow Lane.

The Slow Lane Book (Summer '23)

Why Quick Fixes Fail And How to Achieve Real Change - published by Berrett-Koehler Publications.

Pre-Order Now

I continue to publish articles on this site, and if you are interested, you can access the full collection of stories here.

Thank you for enjoying The Slow Lane, please do subscribe if you want to receive regular updates and receive my latest posts. Also, as a subscriber, you can comment on posts and participate in the conversation.

Enjoy the read!

  • Sascha
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